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Video Poem - Right Here but Not Right Now

Right Here but Not Right Now

This is one of my early Video Poems (Videotry) but it's not been seen publicly until now.
It's more straight forward than some of my others. Sometimes simple is best.

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  1. wowsers Tony, well done. That is one hell of a poem. You've captured anxiety, sadness and desperation perfectly. You've also helped me realise that maybe we all have these doubts about ourselves sometimes when at the time we feel so alone. "bloated with doubt" that is a perfect analogy. Can't life change from one day to the next, the mind is so complicated.

  2. I'd ask the right questions if I knew what they were too.

  3. I like simple and direct, Anthony. I really like this, especially the words and your voice mixed with the rotating fan that speeds up and slows down. Very cool effects that make for a piece that feels genuine and whole.


  4. Profound simplicity. Like it Anthony - You have such a way of tapping into the depths that creative people have to plumb over and over. The fan was a brilliant touch! :))) (Barbara Blair)

  5. Ties together well, gives me the feeling of being lost or stuck and somewhat confused. That music is creepy in a cool way.

  6. Having looked at this video, I can say that it really says that this is one of the first videos, as the further ones are made more professionally.


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