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BOTTOMLESS RIVER to be Published....

Fantastic news.
My novella BOTTOMLESS RIVER is to be published in early 2012. I do not have much information at this stage, other than it will be a small print run and will be published in Australia. Let's just throw that word out there again...

... p u b l i s h e d...

aahhhhhh. It's better than a cold beer.

I am thrilled to have a work in print that I can finally share. It's not a novel but it's a good start.

Stay tuned.

Insert big smiley face.

ps. Yes I see the irony following on from my previous post. Where would fiction be without irony? Love it.


  1. I'm glad you've found success Anthony, while the rest of us are hoping that at least we are headed in the right direction. :-)

  2. My Australian friend is soon to be a published author!!! WOOHOO!! I've got happy (and, admittedly, envious) chills for you. I'm so proud. Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations Anthony. Is it a stand alone novella or in a collection with other writers?

  4. WOOHOO Anthony!!!
    This is Awesome news.
    Can't wait to hear more details. Karen :))

  5. CONGRATULATIONS - I always believed in this novella - you deserve it

  6. Thank you nadeemalim, Jude, Robyn, Graham and Karen & Anon. Great to have your support.

    Yes Graham it is a stand alone. Perhaps the future may also entail smaller and cheaper books.. ?

    I'll keep you all posted.


  7. Whoo Whoo!!!
    Congratulations my friend!
    Will there perhaps be an electronic version for sale of said novella?

  8. Cheers Pat.
    I hope so. But I'm not sure at this stage. It would make a lot of sense if there were.


  9. I share your admiration, for this is really wonderful news.

  10. I join all congratulations, because this is really very good news not only for you.

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