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Video Poem - Artery Predators

(All works are now on YouTube HERE)

I'll slowly make my other video poems available for download too. Keep an eye out.
I've also been busy with story and poetry submissions lately. If I have any news, I'll be sure to let you know.
Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Very nice Anthony! You are a multi talented guy!

  2. Wow, that was very well said. I have mixed feelings about "tampering with the past"..i think sometimes we need to in order to move forward or to help us cope with the present. Also there comes a point in some of our lives when we wonder why we made the choices we did when we were at a crucial crossroads in our life...what if??????...wishing our lives had taken "the other road" ...i'm probably not making much sense! maybe i'm just having a bit of a mid-life crisis!! but i love the way your poetry really makes me think. Thank you, Anthony.

  3. Very nice and so relevant, Anthony. I especially liked your close-up filming of facebook and what you said about the past being romanticized ("as it should be).

    It may just be me/my speakers, but I struggled a bit to hear your words over other sounds in the audio. I didn't have this problem with your other video poems, so I just wanted to let you know. Love your voice and the content, though. ;-)

  4. Anthony,

    This made me dig deep into my thoughts about so many things in life.

    Loved it!!


  5. Anthony. I enjoyed this. It felt like I was about to watch some kind of science-fiction movie. Good work on all the graphics, sound effects, and delivery. You voice echoed, giving impression of an internal thought externalized. It really felt like a thought rather than a spoken word - if this makes sense.

    Thing with this kind of visual poetry is that it does detract from what is actually being said. I found myself hearing but not listening to the words spoken. Perhaps I have ADD? lol...I was drawn into the imagery, the sounds and felt taken into another realm of thoughts. I'll have to have another listen...


  6. OK. I had another listen, and this time, I made a real effort to listen to your words and really pay attention. It all makes sense. Our social networking is being compartmentalized into bits and pieces collected and developed like a web - a web it is. It's not meant to be this way - was awesome! Reminded me of a scene out of "The Lake House" - seen it? I enjoy your imagination though. What a gift you have! Lots of hard work and thought went into making this clip. Bravo!


  7. Thank you so much everyone for your feedback. You are all very kind.
    There is a lot going on here and sometimes it might be hard to concentrate on the words. Definitely a couple of views are in order. The next one I have planned is a lot quite 'busy' but I will be aiming for more simplicity in future.

    Yes Gina, I have seen The Lake House. Good film from memory. If I can trust it, that is.



  8. Interesting to see this new side to your creativity Anthony. As for the video specifically, it is kind of creepy but I guess that is the effect the video poem is supposed to have. Just out of curiosity, was this a solo or group project and is it just personal or intended for something else? Thanks for sharing.

  9. I gave the video a Google +1 vote too, been trying out this new feature it is supposed to be like the Facebook Like button to measure popularity of blogs, you can try it out on my blog if you like. Btw is it your voice on the video? Because I have never heard your voice but the one in the video sounds creepy!

  10. Thanks for the comments Nadeemalim. And for saying my voice is creepy. Haha. It is meant to be a little dark shall we say. I have other poems here. If you click on the Video Label or Videotry, you will see the others.
    This is a solo project. I shot all the vision too though sourced the photographs. I try and use as much original material as possible.

    I will try the Google button.

  11. Congrats Anthony,
    Visually stimulating, Thought provoking, loved the voice over too. :))


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