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The Final TillyCam - Part 7 - Rainforest

After a delay, here she is, in her last outing.

Ensure you watch until the end.

Watch HERE

Filmed near Port Macquarie NSW at the end of 2010.

TillyCam - In the vein of Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Series. Must be in the same style but with different type of background. Now that the series is complete, it might make more sense as a whole. In case you missed any past instalments.. Here they are...

Part 6 - Sea Wall

(the rest unavailable thanks to YouTube music policy - asswipes)

Part 5 - Mall (at Xmas)

Part 4 - Beach

Part 3 - City Street

Part 2 - Suburban Street

Part 1 - Home

Did you have a favourite?
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I'm not sure what's coming next. A video poem, a short story..?
I'll figure it out then.


  1. OMG! lmao! Tilly is talking! I agree with her all the way! it was so much fun! LOL! I bet she'll write a book about her long journey! :)))

    Big hugs! Arielle.

  2. I'm going to have to say the last one is my favorite. It has everything to do with the ending! What great memories she is going to have when she shows these videos to her own children!

  3. Can't believe how fast she is growing. She so cute. Liked the music too...

    Fav? Hmmm, this one.


  4. That is such a precious picture at the end. You two are so sweet together, and I loved the footage of the sun shining through the leaves.

    PS I'm back and settled into my new home. Hugs to you.

  5. Thanks guys... This is possibly my favourite too. They will be great to look back on in years to come.


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