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New Zealand Earthquake 2011 - A Visual Insight

As of writing, 145 dead. Over 200 missing. People from 20 nations were caught up in the tragedy.

Red Cross New Zealand

May the families have found some peace. 
Rest in Peace to all the victims.


  1. Oh my goodness Anthony, it is so terribly sad! To think it only too a minute to cause all that death and destruction.... it's absolutely terrifying. The images are haunting.

  2. This kind of thing lets us know that mother nature is really the one in charge. This is so terrible...
    We have small tremors everyday here and even though we don't admit to it, way back in the recesses, I think we're all afraid of something major.

  3. That's unimaginably tragic. The powerful images should be a reminder to us all.
    Thanks for the post, friend.
    Take care.

  4. my heart goes out to the people of the earthquake affected areas. the pain and suffering they have endured will stay with them forever, my prayers are with them.

    The images remind us how fragile our planet and our lives upon it are.

    Thanks Anthony for your post

  5. I hope they're getting all the help they need.. Please allow me to share your clip and pics on our website. You can join me at the mail you sent your your updates! Everyone has to know that mother nature is still in charge... :(


  6. Thank you Anthony for sharing these amazing yet heart retching photos.
    My cousin lives there so I able able to learn first hand how this disaster effected Christchurch's inhabitants.


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