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TillyCam - Cruise Babe - Pt 4 of 7 - Beach

If you think I'm baby obsessed, check out looney tunes here. Is it Art or just plain weird? In the vein of Warhol's Campbell Soup Series.. Same theme, t-shirt, laugh etc with different location each time. TillyCam Cruise Babe Part 4 of 7 - Beach

(Deleted thanks to YouTube music Policy) 

 Filmed near Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. The music track is an edited version of 'Antidote' by Australian group The Boat People. I reference the band in the hope that you will check them out. They are very good and deserve success. 

Coming Soon, More Poetry and Stories. 

Infact, I may break this up by posting a Poem next, but I do hope you indulge me with this Video series. I'm just having too much fun with it. Until Then, =]


  1. She's such a darling little girl Anthony! I enjoy your videos of your little cherub!
    Looking forward to reading your poem.
    Cheers K

  2. Oh I answer to your question about the man wearing baby dolls .. it looks plain weird to me but some people would consider it art, so each to their own I guess!

  3. What a little cutie she is!

    I'd say the doll guy is art. I may be biased though (remember my scary doll posts around Halloween?)

  4. Yes, i loved your doll pics Pat... and I quite like the picture too.. It is artistic, in a weird way.. not sure what he's trying to say though.. other than the fact that its very visual....
    btw Tilly loved the beach, it was her first ever visit, though it was quite hot so we didnt stay long.. her first visit, captured on camera. lol

  5. Beautiful baby. Beautiful scenery.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Might wanna put a hat on baby's head in the sun Anthony! :)) She is really adorable!

    about the doll guy! Do you really plan to have this many??? lol


  7. I'm not very good with art and I rarely understand it, so sadly, I'd have to say it's just weird! lol Still loving the tillycam though!
    Keep up the great work! Sorry this one's so short, I'll be back tomorrow to see your other latest post. Until then, I hope all is wonderful with you and your sweet angel!


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