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The Outcast and Cow vs Sow

The Outcast

I wanted to let you know about my current project. I normally don't talk about projects in progress but I'm already close to the end of this one. It's a novella. It will be roughly 25,000 words.

It's about a 28 yr old guy who spends a lot of time in his own head, as we all do, but this one more than most. He's convinced he is an Outsider, that he does not live in the world. In many ways, he thinks he's better than everyone else. He thinks he is unique. A trap many people fall into. In short, he's a narcissist. His opinions are controversial. He's not afraid to speak his mind. He doesn't have that filter that prevents him from speaking out, even to his own detriment. But does he speak the truth? No political correctness here. And it lands him into a lot of trouble. But he kinda likes it.

People always assume that the character's opinions are that of the authors. It's not the case. I certainly hope they don't with The Outcast. Otherwise this guy will get me into trouble!

I've been toying with an idea of a series of Narcissistic novellas. The plan at this stage, which could alter, is to write three novellas and incorporate them as one novel. The Narcissist Trilogy. I'm yet to be definite about this, but I already have some solid ideas for the next one. I'm totally up in the air as for the third one. All I know is that it's a fascinating topic. What are writers after all if not a little narcissistic? Perhaps we all are to a certain degree, but there are many variations. From being a decent person and a healthy contributor to society, to be downright selfish, mean, uncaring and oblivious to the needs and feelings of others. This latter part is what I'm focusing on. I'm sure you know of a few yourself. Being fiction, I intend to delve into a few extremes. If I can't push a few boundaries I'm not interested.

The Outcast by Richard Redgrave, RA. 1851.

I'm giving myself roughly 8-10 weeks to write each novella. First draft of course. The rewrite will take much longer, especially as I hand write and have to type them up. It won't be completely finished for until 2011. (I do other writing and I work too). But who knows what could happen by then? I might abandon the idea and do something else.

At the very least, there will be a story of The Outcast. He's out there. Somewhere.

(2021 Update. The Outcast was expanded into novel form in 2019 and released in 2020 as Lone Wolf World).

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..and now for Something Completely Different..
...a little silliness...

The Cow & The Sow

“She's acting odd,”
said the Finch to the Cow.

"I have to Agree,"
Said the Fig to the Sow.

“Yes I was chomping on the Fence,”
replied the Pig to the Fig.
“But I can't last if I'm forced to fast.”

“You can't escape
Through the Gate,”
said the Grass to the Pink Ass.

“You Gotta Go Over!”
added the Clover.

“But I'm a pig! I can't Fly!
If I try, I'll die!”

The Fig said,
“Not what I read.
I thought they could.”

The Finch agreed.
“You sure you ain't made out of wood?”

The cow said,
“I have an idea!”
The Fig Shivered
And the Finch felt fear.
Even the Pig did Frown.
“Don't Fret All!” said the cow. “I'll go Down!”

And so the Cow
Sank to her knees.
“Climb on my back,
If You Please!”

The Pig did as she was told
She was weak from Hunger
But the idea was Bold.

Once on Top
She felt like a Chief
Until a smell assailed her nostrils
It was Uncooked Beef!

The Cow did Shriek
Hunger had created the Beast
The Finch turned to the Fig,
“Now it's my turn for a Feast!”

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  1. Lol.. Like the ideas and rough draft on the story , interesting.. i'd love to read the finished product .. Poem is funny ;]

  2. Hi Anthony, Just dropped by to say hi. Congrats on your new novella/s project. Like the concept. Good luck with it. Cheers, Karen :))

  3. Thanks so much for the comments.. Nice to know at least the topic is worthwhile...
    Thanks for dropping in.. I do appreciate it..


  4. Hey Anthony

    Your idea for the novellas sounds great. I will be interested to see what insights you bring to your stories. Insights come from being aware of our environment or from pure imagination. You clearly have a vivid imagination. I'll look forward to the trilogy, that is, if they do eventuate, lol.

    Your poem, The Cow & The Sow, is so vivid. I could actually envision the characters. You have a good sense of delivering a story and making it come to life. Keep up the good work Anthony!


  5. So would the three novellas be on the same narcissistic character or different ones?

  6. Hey SJ

    It would be 3 totally different storys, different characters with varying forms of narcissism. The Outcast character isnt very likeable..I dont think even i can stomach him for more than a novella..
    Thanks for dropping in..!

  7. What's the novella called and how can I get a copy when it's published? :) The character sounds like me in terms of speaking the truth without discretion. Yikes.
    The poem is great. I love the flow and fun, with the pig, fig, and pink ass, etc.
    Good luck wrapping up your novella, and keep us posted.

  8. Thanks Robyn! Yes he's very outspoken..youll love and probably hate him too.. he's arrogant.. and not p.c.

    It's called The Outcast.. but might be the first in the novel... The Narcissist Trilogy..

    Attach publisher...


  9. Likig the idea of a Narcissit trilogy! Greek mythology.

  10. Great concept narcissism is something we have inside if not just a little an exploration of this would be interesting to read

  11. A novella sounds fabulous! I like your blog, and the mix of poetry and writing is super. :)

    1. Thank you kindly Pavitar. The concept is now out in Novel form. See the updated post above. Peace

  12. Thanks so much Arielle, John & Pavitar. Appreciate you coming by. The Narcissism story is coming along well. Maybe im more of one than I care to admit. Damn, is that an admission?


  13. Comment on the Sow and the Cow - poor cow that's what you get for helping people!

    About the novella - good idea. We all get like that sometimes to into ourselevs and other times wanting to escape the world so much you happily trade daydreams for real existance. So it will be nice to feel connected to other disconnecteds. BMM

  14. Anthony, it sounds very interesting! I'm looking forward to it.
    The poem was delightful...

  15. The novella sounds like it will be a very interesting read!
    Great poem!

    1. Thank you Katherine. Ten years on, the novella is now a novel. See updated post. Hope life is going good. Peace!


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