Nice to see you.

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Myth and lies

May the stars align for you and us all this year.
Thought I'd kick it off with a very simple poem. If you like please share.



Career is the con
You carved into slices
And lauded
All over again.

Mythical journey


  1. I like your simple, pithy poem. The picture/graphic's nice too.
    Happy 2018, dear friend.
    Love to you.

  2. Hi Anthony,

    My interpretation of your poem has everything to do with my work history. Work for most people is a sole destroying exercise with most people ending up doing what they don't want to do most of the time and being heavily compromised in their work life. For example, a recent survey found a third of people thought their job was a complete waste of time and did not contribute anything to society. While I am sure there are many more, like people in call centres and advertisers, who are deluded into thinking they are making a contribution.


  3. Nice one Anthony!
    I feel into mine by chance, and I actually loved it...
    Hope the new year is starting off well for you.


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