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The reason I deleted Facebook


Hope you're doing well, and that's genuine. (drop me a line)
Facebook? Far from it.

You're probably on Facebook and that's okay.
I was for years. About seven I think.
One day, I'd had enough. Why?
Many reasons perhaps, but let me sum it up with this little poem.

Needy much

Every ailment
Every deserving cause
Every suffering soul
Hoping for a little solace
Hoping to be considered
At least
Begging to be saved
Too tremulous to suggest a thing

Lost to the swamp
Of the self-serving
Relentless posting
False empathy
Cabbage leaved wrapped
Plasma draining
Dialysis desperate
Attention junkies

The loudest voices
Demand the most immediate service
And in persistent droves
Drenched in the cry for sympathy
While the crippled swirl in silence
Too proud to plea
As they’ve always done
Below scrutiny
Out of sight
Rarely in mind.

Summed up even better in this:
The Best Anti Social Media song in history.

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