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A Melange a Moi *

You know that point you reach
Where plenty matters still
Maybe too much
But if they asked you
To kill yourself
You might just do it

There’s an attraction there
A push/pull philosophy
That’s hard to unravel
If only it wasn’t so ‘cemented’
In the finite.

Those who decry ‘big picture’
Insisting on personal responsibility
And what about them
Have no conceptual grasp
Of where you’re at
Which is why you’re here in the first place        
And they so removed
So far from this…
And that’s their unconscious
And unappreciated blessing.

Which leads us to
Tonight’s roll call.

And the number is…

(A mixture or medley of one, Me)

 I wrote this months ago (early '16) but now that it's up , reminds me a little of a short video poem I made five years ago.

All very cheerful. Admittedly, not in a good state of mind at the time.

More reading, Men and suicide. 

More positive material coming soon. Promise. 


  1. Hi Anthony,

    Pretty dark stuff. I imagine the cancer in the video can be any reoccurring problem that leads to a unwanted emotional response. Your poem wants me to shout out, don't do it, and risk being accused of not knowing what I am talking about. But people only know what other people put out. Unsettling stuff.

    1. Thank you Graham. Pretty dark indeed. Not a good place to be.

  2. All I will say is that you're not alone. I and many love you, Anthony. I and many understand the sentiment.

    1. Thank you darling. I appreciate that, coming from you. xo


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