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Life's Last Great Adventure!

A Fortunate Death

I remember when I died
The pivotal moment
The ultimate experience
Life’s Last
Great Adventure.

So they promised.

Talk about premature ejaculation
A mess without the fun
The climax without the excitement.

I turned,
Okay, I was slightly heavy after Christmas
Not paying attention
And Hollywood Star headed
To concrete ground.

Didn’t leap up
To carry on the fight
Nor was struck down
By an evil bastard.

A mere, pathetic victim
Of my own ill attention.

Incompetence killed the beast
Hardly epitaph worthy

What a disappointment
My death was.
Fucking cancer
Would have been better
At least for memorable lines such as
Worthy battles.

Not even hard done by enough
To return as a haunting
A slapstick vaudevillian ghost
To make Casper
Crack up.

Such is life,
Ned said.

Such is death,
I portrayed.

Life’s Last Fuckup.

Ciao bella