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the featureless prevail

Distressed Poet - William Hogarth

Them vs. Us

Why is it that the featureless
Academic poets
The middle to upper classes
Professors, teachers and other
Unmoving particles
Inside the swirling dust bowl
Profess to love the classics
Both writers and poets
When many of the admired
Though far from all
Came from nothing?

The bourgeoisie know nothing of the endless struggle

The artistic urge
Like blood flow
Pushed down
Below the need
For sustenance
And the methods to reach it
To pay their rent
Among other things
Creative luxuries less affordable
As they had no one else
To cover for them (Mummy Syndrome).

They merely wish to be well read
To tick the boxes
Van Gogh
To be cultivated
Like Van Gogh’s perfect sunflower
Years after the severed flesh
Lost its atoms
And vomit stains
Faded into fabric.

I never knew these artists
Yet know what it’s like to yearn
And to go without
While occasionally pondering
The value of my own contribution.

I guarantee one thing
That those artist's work
Was never for Them.