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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. (more)

Books: Eclectic story collection Pseudo Stars out now!

MH-17: A Poem for the Taken

The United

Scattered nations
Scattered remnants
Shredded metal
White flags and body bags
The cold indoctrinated hover with hardware
Absurdly camouflaged
As though we cannot see what they are.

All a charade for the theatre rats
The stories are already terminated
Prior to conclusions
And jubilant peaks
And natural downs
Hearts of longing
Dreams out of reach
But within sight
Others still yet to dream.

Varying tongues and colours
Genes and ideas
Universally wrapped
In location
With a common goal
A succinct pilgrimage
Outcomes innocently undetermined
Now fastened as one
Ironically stitched by the severance
A sealed collective
Bound in our memory’s
Cottoned in compassion
Pooled in tears
And the endless abyss of our affections.

It’s a Journey without end
In perpetuity
The United.