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An old unwanted friend

   A bad day...

              or a bad life?

Me Old Mate

Depression and anxiety
Old friends of mine
Before they became so common
That everyone wanted to know them
And they lost all their meaning
A couple of old trollups
Betraying their regulars.

Someone fails a test
Gets into an argument
Has a flat day
And calls it melancholy.

I’m sure there’s plenty
Who have more shit in their heads
Than I,
But the whole affair
Has been trivialised
Gone viral
Mass marketed
The designers are wealthy
Everyone’s on a kick back
Except for the sad bastards
On their backs
Like me.

Sure, it’s a little easier
Smooth & Even
Like a tan polished floor
And I’m guess I’m happy enough
But sometimes
When I don’t see it coming

I miss the old days.

Me Old Mate first appeared in Issue 13 of Crack the Spine in early 2012. It is also included in my debut collection, Caged Without Walls out now through Ginninderra Press. Approximately 15% of the poems in the book have appeared before, spread throughout different sites and publications. 

Three audio poems come with the book, emailed through myself. You can buy it through me but if you go through the publisher, let me know and I will send the poems your way. Two of them are not in the book. All are read by Sydney Poetry guru, Jack Peck.

Caged Without Walls Trailer. 

Now available at Readings in Melbourne.
Also Abbeys in Sydney.

(As a side note, a major chain rejected me because I wasn't famous enough).

In August, I will be presenting a video series called The 7 Pillars of Love - seven short videos spread throughout the month. For all you romantics hopefuls and sufferers out there. 

See you soon.