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Poem - Diploma


I’m a post warrior syndrome dropout
From the dance of the dunces
I’m a dropout from the school
Too young for hard knocks
Being postmodern
So I must belong to
The scholarship of
Don’t give a fuck.

I failed.

Because try as I might
I still give a shit
Not that they deserve it.

Still, I armor up
As I don’t want to die in the gutter
So they can laugh and condemn
As that’s too easy.

I have a semblance of pride left
Though pride is the cause of most of the world’s folly
Pride of nations
Pride of race
And drunken knights
In front of prospective lovers
And other acts
Without aforethought.

So I hang up my hat
Because it never sat right anyway
And even if it did
I could never wear it for long
As I never wanted to belong
Though I felt at times that I wanted to
I just never found any school
Or institution
Or department
Worth belonging to.

And who wants a shitty diploma anyway.