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Poem - A Proximate Echo

Recently a poem of mine was published in the Speed Poets Zine Vol.11.6. It's on sale through their website and at their monthly nights in Brisbane. There was only a limited edition. As you can see, its simple in style, reminiscent of the poetry chapbooks from the 50's and 60's. I love the look of them and have subscribed for a year for only $20. I have another poem coming up in a couple of months, which I will also post here.

The poem was written in June 2011.

Here's how it appeared in the magazine followed by the poem itself. 

A Proximate Echo

Feel that dryness in your mouth
The whimpering in the dark corner
Behind you
The trembling in the floor
It’s the future
Coming back to haunt you
Reminding you where you should not be
You allowed yourself
To be a willing vessel to Fate
To sail with the natural state of things
But you were not to know
It would take you to places
You did not want to be.

You've gone too far now
To begin anew
And wishing won’t do
(To wish is to plea is to panic
 And lose it all)
And so all that’s left
Is the minutiae of hope
A bare fragrance
That around the bend
The current may lead you to another stream
And perhaps acceptance
That making a mistake
Is normal.
If only you knew for certain
That it was redeemable.