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Poem - What’s in her Name?

What’s in her Name?

Her name was Sarah.
Not her real name.
And I didn’t know it
Before she died.
But I knew her face,
Her form...
As I passed her in the hallways.

I soon began to smile
Developing into a Hello
Gestating into the smallest of small talk
By the coffee machine.
I did not know her name
She was a face
A persona
That I had created
Based on snippets of conversation
And the way she dressed
The way she moved
Her poise by the coffee machine.
In order to find position for her
Inside my realm
I had to create one for her.
Without comprehending it,
She was catalogued.
After her sudden death,
I began to learn more about her
Starting with her name.
I had never asked her what it was.
I collected snippets
From other conversations
And a more complete portrait emerged.
The way she dressed
And moved
Did not represent what I thought I knew
My realm was false.
I know her name
Her name was Sarah
Not her real name,
But I did not know her at all.

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