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Poem - Flip Flop


It was windy though not cold.
She was grumpy but not mad.
She hung out the washing but it was not wet.
She put on the kettle but there was no plug.
She sighed but was not depressed.
She sat but was not tired.
It was getting dark but it was still day.

Her body ached but she was not old.
She wondered how her life had come to this but she did not care.
She had fought for liberation in her youth but she was not a feminist.
She had wanted to belong but she felt rejected.

She said she would never marry but she did.
She said she would never capitulate to a man but she begged him to love her.
She said she would sooner die than have children but she had four.
She had surrounded herself with family but felt alone.

She said she was a child of God but did not ascribe to a religion.
She felt like she was on trial but had committed no crime.
She had enough of it all but couldn't give up.
She began crying without feeling sad.

She didn't know what to do but was determined.
She let the tears fall though could have prevented them.
She stood up, though her legs ached.
And got on with her day.

She was a set of contradictions.
Like You and I.

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