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It's been a difficult week. My partner had to go in for surgery on Wednesday. As she is six months pregnant she was concerned about going fully under Anesthetic, so she opted for a Epidural. She was awake for the operation and was okay coming out but once it wore off the pain settled in. She was on painkillers but not enough and it took hours of agony before they could administer her with enough. It was truly horrible to have to watch. (see poem below)

They had to cut into the bone beneath the knee to repair damaged bone and cartilage. She wasnt allowed to move her leg at all for 24 hours and it still is difficult to move and very painful as you can imagine. She has to keep it elevated at all times.

The baby is fine, thank God. Tough little nugget. The name we have chosen means strong in battle. She's certainly earned it.

My partner spent 3 nights in RPA, (Royal Prince Hospital Sydney, where the show RPA is filmed). I spent two in there as well. We were fortunate to get a private room. A chair folded out into a cot and that's where I slept. I was there for 60 hours straight, but had to get home to prep the house. Her father had to build a ramp to get her into the house.

So here we are. She has to spend 6 weeks with no weight on her foot at all, and a further 6 weeks with minimum weight. This takes us past the birth of the baby. It's going to be a challenging few months. She needs alot of painkillers and is understandably frustrated and upset as she is a very independant woman, who was fit and with a strong career. This loss of independance is hard for her to accept. We know it could have been worse but this doesnt help when it takes us a good 20 mins to get her to the bathroom in the middle of the night. This is of course, all compounded by the fact that she is 30 weeks pregnant. I'm her primary carer now. I have to do everything for her. It's draining and time consuming so forgive me if I do not read any fellow bloggers posts for a little while. I'll be lucky to do any of my own. Fortunately I have a few items in reserve.

I'm sure in the long term, things will turn out. We just have to be patient. I'm certainly seeing another side of life I didn't expect to see. From a purely selfish point of view, I'm sure elements of it will turn in my writing one day. For now, we have to simply get on with it.

When They Suffer

One of the most Difficult things in Life
Is to Watch those you Love
In Pain
Perhaps it the Hardest

Made Worse
By the Knowledge
That it was not necessary
All should have been Avoided
An extra
Swivel of the Blade

It Helps
If there is Something
You Can Do
If only a little amount.
And Yet, You still Must Watch
And if you're any sort of Person
It will Rip Your Heart
Down the Middle

And This is Me
And That is Her
And All I can do
Is Wait
And Suffer Alongside...

Coming Soon:
Back to normal posting, Greatest Written Films
Until Then