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Feral Street - The Climax (also known as the Orgasm Episode)

Feral Street

It's like Debbie Does Dallas in her Wonder Years.
Pray she doesn't have a mullet... down there.

The Thrilling Climax (also known as the Orgasm Episode)

Ep.6 – Family First.

In the last Ep, Timbo was in jail and Johnno was still on the run. Will Trace ever able to tell her man about her problem, or will MG get to her first?

Wendy the cop opens the glass cell door.
Timbo: (Grinning). 'Hey cutey! Are ya here to take me DNA sample? I'm ready to give it!'
Wendy: 'I'm ignoring that. We've retrieved the hotel video. It seems the other men did start the fight.'
Timbo: 'Told ya! Those suits were fruits in cahoots!'
Wendy: 'You are weird. Look, the hotel could have pressed charges, so you're lucky that you're only banned.'
Timbo: 'Banned? But I didn't even flash me todge! Now I can't play me pokie machines! Where am I s'posed to drink now?'
Wendy: 'Gambling is bad for you. And there are others bars around.'
Timbo puts his hand to his chest with fake surprise: 'You really care hey! And did you just ask me out for a date?'
Wendy: 'Ah, I don't think so. But you can tell your mate he's off the hook. If he turns up.'
Timbo: 'Johnno isn't home yet? Filth Meister. He's probably got his doodle stuck in a poodle.'
Wendy: 'You're disgusting.'
Timbo: 'That's just what we say, when we pick up a stray. Not that I do. I'm waiting for the right woman. Wink. Wink.'
Wendy: 'She would have to be insane. Anyway I'm sure your mate will come home when he's hungry. Right. My shift is over. Do you have a lift?'
Timbo: 'Are you serious? The only lifting I do is me beer to me mouth!'
Wendy: (Sighs) 'If you promise not to be gross, I can give you a lift.'
Timbo: 'I got a better idea. How about I give you a lift to a late night bar and buy you a drink?'
Wendy: 'You just said you don't have a car.'
Timbo: 'Oh. Um. Yeah. They call me Himbo sometimes. Ha ha. Howz about you gimme your phone number instead? Really, I'm not bad. Maybe a little sad, but that's ok, coz I'm not a dad!'
Wendy: 'Come on Brain Melt, I'll take you home. And I'll think about it. As long as you stop with the rubbish dump limericks.'
Timbo: 'Anything for you. You're pretty top. For a cop.'
Wendy: 'And you're kinda fun. For a bum.'

Back at the girls house, Sez, Trace and MG finish up the last of the cheap cask wine.
Sez: 'I think we should invest in a dog.'
Trace: 'Really? You reckon we can afford it?'
Sez: 'No but I need something to kick the shit out of when I get home.'
MG laughs. It's a raucous roly poly guffaw.
Sez looks to Trace and raises her eyebrows. 'What a fucker of a night. I'll check youse later.'
Trace: 'Where'd ya think ya goin, ya slut sauce?' (makes a poor attempt at hiding not wanting to be alone with MG).
Sez: 'I gotta go to me Mums. Have to get me little cum stain.'
MG: 'You're what?'
Sez: 'The scabby squealer, the annoying anchor. Me sperm sample!' (she slaps Trace's arm). 'Don't do anything I wouldn't do!'
Trace: 'You'd do anything, slop bucket.'
Sez laughs and leaves.
Trace: 'I'm really tired now Muddie.' (fake yawns & stretches.) 'Awhhwwwhwhhhww.'
MG: 'But I gotta talk to you Trace.'
Trace: 'Not now Muddie. There's too much shit goin on in me head. I'm worried about me man Johnno. Remember him?'
MG: 'It's really important. It's about that time.'
Trace: (whispering). 'Jesus Mud, I was trashed that night. Look, I know you wanna slam the salami but it's not gunna happen again, awright?'
MG: 'But... I shuda told you before...I... I got the clap. You gotta get yourself checked out.'
Trace: 'What? I got it from you? Where the fuck you get it from?'
MG: 'Well... um..' (looks at the floor).
Trace: (holding her hand to her mouth). 'Say it isn't real Muddie. Say it isn't real!'
MG: 'She's not me real Nana! She's me step Nana!'
Trace: 'Aww you're fuckin disgustipated!'
MG: 'She's not that old. She's under 50 you know! Just.'
Trace: 'Get outa me house ya dirty maggot Nana-fucker! You've given me old Nana crabs!'

Johnno is still stumbling around the outer suburbs, lost. He's hungry. He's tired. He's thirsty. And he's as dirty as a feral cat. 'Mummeeeeeeee!'
And maybe one day, he'll work out how to get home. Or perhaps be smart enough to ask someone for help. More than likely he'll be out there forever. Searching for Feral Street.

Most definitely the end.

Hope you enjoyed the series.

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