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The Passing of a Friend - What is a Life?

I'm stepping out from the usual post this week as the father of a dear friend passed away after a brief illness. I have known him for 30 years. I felt as though I should write something. I have passed it onto the family.

Once Around

For Johnny

The Grass seedlings emerge through the Dirt
Tiny. And Fragile.
And at risk.
Watered and with the light of the Sun
Soon finding strength
And blanketing the Earth
In its resplendent Green Glory.

The Caterpillar Crawls in Search
And the Finch Opens its Beak for More
And the Infant waves its hands
Trying in Vain to Clasp the Rattle.

In Time, all will be Reached.
And all will be explored.
And all will be Mastered.

And the Foundations take place
And the World comes alive around us
And if we are lucky
Love will come
As will the ability to learn
And discover,
Who we are.

Until the Time Arrives
To Supplant this Knowledge
This Experience of Life
Onto the Next
And to Watch with Joy and Amazement
At the same Quirks,
And Foibles,
And Struggles
That were once Experienced.

And the Sun Sinks Lower in the Day
And the Flora closes its petals for the Night
And some wither altogether
Having witnessed many such days
Unable to go through another cycle.
For small cycles must eventually close
While the Greater One goes on

And while we are only able to engage for a brief time
For our time is short
We are grateful for having contributed to the Journey
For having taken Part
In the delight
Of this thing called Life.