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Poem: Madness

Do you think
You are capable?
Can you imagine a Time
When you could go mad?

How far removed
Are we now?
How many steps?
What would it take?
A series of deaths?
A series of blows, mental, not physical.
We can take those.

How many stumbles
Into the mire,
Before we begin conversing with ourselves.
Preferring it over the conversation of others
Rather than deal with the World
That doesn’t care anyway.
That World
Doesn’t exist anymore.
Only the reality
Of your own mind.

Are we really so far removed?
From those dirty, shuffling shadows
We see in the street
And ignore?
Could that be Us
One day?

Perhaps it won’t take anything…
Arise one morning
And everything you knew has changed.
But you don’t care
Because you don’t analyse
The way you used to.
It’s over
And you don’t even know it.

How many steps?