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Ambitions - Trying to create a future


We may have plans for the future but other factors will have their say.

Ambitions (in the scheme of things)


We were born in valleys

And moss encrusted fissures

Like million year old lichen

Eager for un-time stamped journeys.


The urge for individualistic dreams

Buried in nature’s progression

Unbeknownst to us

Chuckling, steaming, scheming

To the golden carrot

On a string

Locked in targets

And battles blossoming

As surging spawn seeks

To spread

To filter

To lead

While particles continue to harden

On fallen rocks.


Pre-occupations soar

Cutting colour into the sky

While continental plates


With ne’er an eye

To what’s Above.


Ambition seems furthermost from my mind these days. A decade ago, was a different story (yet with a grip on the tangible). Always good to dig back into the older works. The newer ones seem too gloomy. Though perhaps more honest. 

No-one gives a fuck anyway. The work finds who it should. And misses the rest. That's just how it is.

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