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The most 'woman centric' song ever made


Feminist blues

The song, State Hospital by 'retired' Scottish band, Frightened Rabbit is an anthem for some women (seemingly with a domestic violence aspect), firstly as victims, then as survivors and ultimately those with hope. All within one very poignant, multi-layered track.

"Brought home to breathe smoke in arms of her mother with a blunt kitchen knife

Who just lays in a submissive position

Beneath the national weight and the slow arc of a fist."


"Her blood is thicker than concrete,
 forced to be brave she was, born into a grave."

"If blood is thicker than concrete
All is not lost."

That last line is so powerful, considering how Scott's own mental state declined.

To analyse further for yourself, watch and listen HERE; (and please listen to the whole song, an absolute classic) - the official film clip makes it quite clear as to its content. A very powerful song. Arguably more powerful now (and perhaps timeless), than upon it's initial release. A song beyond its time. 

It's about suffering and resilience. It can be aimed at anyone but it's obvious that this is a song for females. Ironically, written by the late and extremely talented man, Scott Hutchison, lead singer and creator of the band Frightened Rabbit, whose existence ceased to be the moment he took his own life on the 9th May, 2018, aged just 36. 

More about Scott and the band HERE

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