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Is it time to shift your thinking? How do we overcome lifelong attitudes?


Adjusting your attitude

It's a tough ask to alter your thinking, especially if it's been in place for years, if not decades or a lifetime.

Yet, we are the experts of our own experiences. It's our perception what counts, not what happens externally. 

For example, in 2023, I think I sold about four books. That was both online and having three bookstores having copies. In anyone's language, that's pretty much a failure. I need to re-think my strategy or even if it's worth continuing to publish books at all. It costs me money, not make me any. And I'm getting older and have limited working years left etc. with bills I'm already struggling with.

The thing is, I have a half dozen novels ready to go and these are the best ones I've written. The most commercial too. Very different from what I've published before.

I have a couple of loyal readers. Less then ten. Will the new books make a wave or will it be more of the same? Things to consider.

To be honest, everyday anxiety is my biggest challenge and that's what I really want to work to overcome. Gratitude lists, Avoidance, Altering, Acceptance are all tools I'm learning. Looking after myself is another one. Sleep, exercise, diet. Dealing with anti-depressant withdrawal (read here) makes it all the harder. Anyway, a work in progress and perhaps that's all life is. Never really getting there. 

How have you overcome your own thinking? 

Do you have examples or strategies to shift your attitudes? It's tough. It's very easy to be affected by external factors. What others think. How others behave and treat us. Our circumstances. Our health. It's easy to say, well, it's all a matter of perception and ignore what others do and say but the reality is we do care and it does affect us. 

Can we really alter ourselves?

I've searched for answers amongst the stoics and they have some great advice. Putting it into practice is a tough task but I know I must try. I can't allow myself to be miserable over things I can't control and when it comes to my writing/publishing career (and a lifetime of creativity), it mostly has been a series of disappointments if not soul crushing experiences. 

I may even retire my two websites completely. I've already decided to retire my Vimeo account at the end of 2024 when the subscription runs out, meaning many of my short films that YouTube won't accept will no longer be available.

I've had mental health struggles most of my life, like many of us, so if I can limit what affects me or alter my attitudes, then I must try. (Not that I haven't actively sought help for the past twenty-five years). I've started reading a new book called Stop Overthinking by Nick Trenton which has many practical tips. I do recommend that one. It's already helping me. 

One thing is for certain, anti-depressants have caused me far more grief than help and alcohol only provides temporary relief and is no solution at all. 

Over to you. Love to hear your ideas and thoughts on altering our attitudes and indeed, ourselves.

Happy 2024!



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