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Moral Crusaders and the Hypocritical Escapades


From 2016. Always relevant.

The Foot Soldiers of Political Change


Change is in the Wind, like a stale fart


They took something bad

And made it right

And then repeated the same mistake

Never knowing when to stop

Without observing the flapping faux pas

On their nose

Like a discarded embryo sac

Made buoyant by the hot winds

Of time

Once again solidifying

The corpses of errors

Piled endlessly throughout history

Reborn and Redressed

For the new school of thought.


There’s nothing like running that injustice

Into the putrid layers

Of hypocrisy

Tomorrow’s fossil fuel

Still fermenting

Yet, if you put your lips to the populous Holy Wall

The stench is obvious

As the silver lining sphincters

From whence superiority flows.



Written in 2016 in the midst of Social Justice Warrior Mass Hysteria. (Did it ever really end?) It's mostly those doing the finger pointing who are guilty of doing the same thing (albeit in a varied form) and yet are unable to recognise their own conduct that makes their moralising so ugly. Perhaps we're all a little guilty of hypocrisy on occasion but some are serial offenders.
Joe Biden now building Donald Trump's wall is a huge and hysterical example.

What's the old quote? Doth protest too loudly?

While the above poem is more about arrogance and hypocrisy, I do like this quote. 

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