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They're not who they pretend to be. You know them but are you aware of it?


Not who they pretend to be

Some people will say anything if it boosts their self image, no matter what they actually believe. Particularly online.

They are motivated by reputation. Summed up in these short words.

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Some people you've met in real life will have a very different persona online. They're well aware that it's a public forum, and they seek to profit by it. Not by funds (though possible), but by status. Never underestimate the power of status. Even the ancient philosophers spoke about them. A particular breed. And while status to a certain degree is important to everyone, some will be dishonest in order to bolster it. They are not to be trusted. 

Emotional truth is one of my primary interests as a writer. That's why much of my work is based on real people and events (usually something I've experienced). Even in fiction, I aim for authenticity. You'll observe this for yourself in my work.

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