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Who was that odd man in the corner? A mini true story


Hi there.

Here's a little true story, from when I was a young barman in London.

My photo from 1990 (when you could smoke indoors)
The actual spot in question is where the bar (left) meets the wall

Man in a corner


They came to get drunk at night

Or an excuse to get out

But during the day

It was the drunks who came

The oft kilter characters

That interested me most.


It was an upmarket bar

In St. Johns Wood, London

Yet, not without its desperadoes

Such as the young Goth couple

Who could only afford one beer apiece

Sitting on it for hours

Being English, I guess warm beer didn’t bother them.


A woman in her early thirties

In every other day

With slurred speech

Some sort of accident

I never asked

For a few at lunch

I got the feeling, a disability pension.


A well-dressed blonde man, about forty

Sat in the corner

And bought an expensive bottle of champagne

And polished it off

Almost every day.

He would give away

As much as he spent

In tips

So we always looked after him

As we were employed by a brewery

The pay being woeful

He was always buying people drinks

Earning lingering parasites

He was wealthy

Yet, seemed very alone.


One day he stopped coming in

From then on

That was something very empty about that corner

I wished I had found out more

Such is the mystery of some people.

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