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The sexes - How different are we?


Men and women. Are we that different? How do we continue in relationships with all our differences?

I have a new video poem for the Heterosexual mindset but it can apply to anyone. And perhaps not even in regards to relationships etc. 

For reference, the poem was written a number of years ago when I was in a long-term relationship. *


There's Them and there's Us.

Are we that different?

Watch on YouTube HERE

Love to hear your thoughts, no matter your perspective. In fact, because of your perspective. 

Coming soon,

Phil's got a mouth on him but maybe he's right. You decide. An audio story.

Fabulous Flaw Finding Phil - The Video Version.


*Poem first appeared in my book about relationships.

Written in the later stages of a long-term relationship, that ultimately didn't survive.
Still, 15 years is a success these days.

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