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Valentines Day - Falling in love and being vulnerable


Whether you're single or not, I think you can relate to this.

Valentine's Day post

Valentine's Day sucks! Love sucks!

At least, it does until...

A poem about romantic feelings and realising you're suddenly vulnerable.

Kamikaze Love Life

It began to dawn on me
After earlier
Not so gentle
Life experiences
That it wasn’t them
It was me.

I rushed headlong in
Where angels fear to tread
So, I ain’t one of them
I’m the fool
Who did it
To his own damn self.

Maybe it was love I sought
Or was it simply an outlet
In human form?

Pent up emotions
Nowhere to go
Until suddenly there was.

And Invest.

No wonder they had
Such power over me
I had given it
All away
Until I was empty
And wanting something in return
And defenceless.

I did it to myself
No wonder
I put up the wall.

I just hadn’t noticed
That I had wandered around it
Like that fool
Once more.

12.20 am

Written after I met someone and wondering what the hell I was doing.

Not having control in any situation can be scary. Yet that type of emotional fragility that is reliant on another person is daunting. At least, it is when you're young. Being older there is more control. 

Can you relate to any of that? Not being in control? Feeling exposed? Whether it's a new relationship or some other emotional situation.

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