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Miss Universe not Diverse. Protest as Miss USA wins.

Outrage erupts over Miss Universe 

The Winner - Miss USA. Not all are happy.

As Miss USA took home the honors in this year's Miss Universe, the competition has come under criticism for not being diverse enough.

While there was barely a white face amongst this year's finalists as selectors fall over themselves to get as diverse as possible so they can slap themselves on the back for being 'progressive' while overlooking their own discrimination, it appears to have all backfired.


Ethnically diverse. 'We're almost there. There's still one or two whities to get rid of.'

The translators representing Miss Mars and Miss Saturn have posted that, 'Once again, the Miss Universe organization has chosen an Earthling as winner. When we will be recognized? Just because we're not visible doesn't mean we're not there! Our lives matter too."

A new hashtag campaign is gaining traction, #InterplanetaryLivesMatterToo.

'Why bother having a Miss Universe if it's not Universal? It's just plain speciesism.' 

'It's a farce,' complained Miss Uranus. 'What a massive pain in the ass!'

Expect more of a Interplanetary presence next year as well as a Winner from another planet. In true Woke fashion. As we all know...

Whining Wins Awards. 

Miss Mercury chimed in, (again)
'Please! You can see how hot I am. Those bitchz got nuthin' on me.'

Please share the hashtag and let's get it viral! Be part of the solution and share in the woke glory.  #InterplanetaryLivesMatterToo.

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