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A look at the diverse mix of stories of Us & Them - something for everyone!


Let's look at the thirteen diverse stories in Us & Them, from true stories to comedies to Oh my God moments and dedications. 

 In order as they appear in the book

One simple song - An eight year old girl decides to write a song for her sick friend. A beautiful story. Dedicated to my daughter Tilly, when she was learning the guitar.

The price of adventure - A mother and daughter's life changing meeting. Dedicated to Sally Jones and Jenny Corvini, mother and daughter who left this life twenty days apart.

The messiest eater in the world - Inspired by Tilly when she was six. She was messy then. It's a cute story. A comedy with a heart warming ending.

The obligatory obituary (Life after death) - Everyone writes to mourn the loss of Claude but how did he really die? Is the answer in the messages? 

Calling time  - A man remembers his life as he mourns the loss of his partner. Dedicated to Michael Sydney Jones

Why did the man with the mullet cross the road? - Based on a true story. A comedy.

The night we should have died - Based on a true story. Unfortunately not a comedy. I should have been killed at seventeen. How we didn't all die is absolutely miraculous. 

Formerly known as slut - A woman recalls her life on the streets but she's no victim. She's a survivor.

No egg on his face - A confrontation between the might of a German tanker division and simple villagers during World War II

And the wise man said, I can't be bothered - Four teens meets up in a country town for an afternoon of fun. A comedy inspired by my teenage days. 

Racing to see the fall of the Berlin Wall - I visited Berlin to see history unfold in late November in 1989. 

Revenge is a dish best served warm - A bitter reality TV contestant decides to get revenge. A comedy

The lost tears of New York  - She stuck out amongst the thousands of strangers on the street. Another true story from when I was backpacking at twenty three. 

My photo, from the top of the World Trade Center

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