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Discovered after 20 years - Photos - 1995 Short Film


What were you doing in 1994?

A group of twenty somethings and teenagers got together and shot this film in Oct/Nov '94. It was completed by June '95. 


A teenage girl living in a small country town, struggles to find meaning in her life. She has a difficult relationship with her mother and her best friend and soon becomes obsessed with the occult, until she meets a young man, who has his own secrets, who will have a huge impact on her life. 

(These first two photos are from the film. 
The one at the bottom is one of the 'lost').

In my twenties, I made a short film Toil On, Faint Not with a good friend, Peter Bruce, using a variety of formats. Betacam SP. Video 8. Super 8 film. 35mm stills. 90's style digital graphics/image manipulation. 

Recently, I discovered some old photos in a box, that I'd not seen for over twenty years. They're from behind the scenes. (some were taken by Paul Gale. Some by myself).

I decided to scan them and put them into a video. Here it is. The film itself is below that.

Watch HERE

All Short Films HERE

Jeremy and Andrea. Preparing for a scene. 
The Script can be seen on a clipboard. From memory, it was mostly handwritten.

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