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Reason why I was cancelled by the literary elite - Part 16 (Pts 1-15 banned)

The Truth of the Literati

Part 16 

(An ongoing eternal series)

Parts 1- 15 
No longer available

(ie deleted by the ruling literary classes)

Despite creating works of artistic and commercial merit, including many stories and poems published in various countries as well as being nominated for the U.S. Pushcart Prize, my novels have been continuously passed over. Were they even looked at? No reason is ever given. Most of the time you hear nothing.

There are other reasons, the most common is not being connected to anyone in the industry. Connections count folks but nepotism still rules.

Here is the other reason.

B e w a r e  -  Wankers about

'I am a genius'   Wanker

Read Highbrow in Public, Wanker

        Opinionated Wanker

Robert Gold: Now Mr Southgate, you have the reputation of being something of a lone wolf. Is this a protest against the establishment?

Matthew Southgate: It is true, I have always preferred to be a mouse that walked by itself rather than a member of a group of literary lions; always licking each other, washing each other behind the ears. And biting each other. And as you know, they’re behind bars, in a cultural zoo. 
Quotes from a real film.

Self labelled important Wankers

                Salinger - One Hit Wonder Wanker

Joyce - Crushing bore (and possible sexual pervert)

Carey - Overrated Tosser

Don't Fuck with a Bra Burning Wanker

The Dime-a-Dozen Wanker

Politically correct Wanker(s)

Wanker in Waiting
(unless he's gay, he'll by waiting a loooong time)

Don't Stay Tuned.
This story never changes
Wanking throughout the Centuries.

More Satire

My new story and poetry collection
on something genuine, like connection, not masturbation 
out early November.

Please help me getting the word out. I've paid for advertising on YouTube and Facebook and will do again but it just never works. Recommendations and word of mouth does. Even if I had 100 readers I'd be happy. It's well below that. Honestly it costs me a lot of money to put these books out so if this one doesn't get some traction, I may walk away. Aside from money, it's very disheartening to say the least and life's hard enough at times without adding to it.


  1. Assuming they are writers, I can't name any of them, but I think the second guy standing in front of the lectern is David Foster Wallace or something like that who killed himself.

  2. Strange comment from me, back then. Have you added to, or altered the post? Because I have read a few novels by Carey and like some of his stuff. I have read Catcher in the Rye, and that looks like Kate Grenville - whose novel The Secret River had me squirming as I thought it was excusing Australia's early treatment of Indigenous Australians due to many of the settlers being convicts. And I have heard of Germaine Greer.

    1. Yes originally it was posted before it was ready so I quickly reverted it to a draft but not before you commented.
      I didn't mind some of those works, particularly Catcher in the Rye. But as public figures, lifestyles, things they've said, they're still wankers. Haha And some are completely overrated and undeserving.

      Anyway, each to their own. Makes for a bit of a laugh. They're definitely all self-important!

    2. I probably should have added divisive wanker too. Haha

  3. Uh huh, I commented when it was a draft. I was beginning to think I was full of shit. Perhaps I am.

    1. Haha no, not at all. It was published but then I unpublished it. I have many in draft mode so I can make a plan of sorts. And schedule them ahead. SOme are years ahead! So if I happen to die, this site will keep publishing. That will be weird!
      I did add more to it so maybe that initial draft didn't have all those authors originally. I don't remember.


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