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Listen in your Xmas downtime - Many fascinating, modern topics in one interview


Recently I had a chat with author and book expert Samuel Elliott on his podcast,  The Write Way.  I'm not used to public speaking so was very nervous. Apparently it didnt really show and those who have listened have enjoyed its many, 'deep' topics.

Listen HERE

Sydney-based filmmaker/editor/poet/writer Anthony J. Langford appears on the program to talk about his latest novel, ‘Lone Wolf World’. This is an episode that delves into some of the darker depths of contemporary society and the human condition. Though violence and confronting matters are not discussed in graphic detail, listener caution is still advised.

Topics discussed include:

- The process of entering into the mind of such a disturbed individual and maintaining their narrative voice throughout the length of an ever-changing novel.

- Opining on how individuals come to commit heinous acts and how much society is responsible for the shaping of these individuals and if they can be prevented.

- The pervasive feeling of isolation in a pandemic-ridden world and how it could be contributing to the making of outcasts.

- The need to address and depict such characters, and what purpose they can serve to the potential betterment of real-life society.

- And much more!

‘Lone World World’ and all of Anthony’s many other works are available for purchase via his website:

Listen HERE

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