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Video Tribute - Vietnam War 1965 - 1970

I was reading the excellent novel Matterhorn, written by a Vet. I took to re-watching one of my favourite movies, Platoon. I was compelled to make this video.

(All images are from the video)

I was working it for several weeks before Anzac Day, the 25th of April. I worked on it furiously to finish it in time.

It's dedicated to my Uncle who served in 1971 and to my Grandfather who fought in the jungles of New Guinea in World War II and returned forever changed.
It also acknowledges the North Vietnamese Vets and especially the civilians who deeply suffered.

It's not a short video but I urge you to watch to the end as there is a type of narrative and the last few minutes are the most poignant.

Music from the period.

Watch Here:

Footage was sourced from different documentaries, official War Videos, private film footage, News stories etc. Most of it is from America but also Australia and North Vietnam.

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