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I wish… (Parent > Child)

My daughter is my life. I mean that. I've had many depressive episodes. Without her, I don't believe I would be here.

I wish…

I wish
We could always be this way
Tight as knots
Quick to laughter
Easy to let go
Of disagreement
Effortless, to create that hug.

I wish
I could always

Be so impressive
So influencing
On your perceptions
So able to fill
Those willing spaces
In your quest
For answers.

I wish
I could

Always make you feel
As secure
And loved
And safe
As now
As life will always interfere
To try and trip you up.

I wish
I could maintain your ignorance
To the negative possibilities
Of human behaviour
As you are now.

As much as I look forward
To the incredible person
You’re developing into
I wish time would slow
For us
So I could savour
Your journey
Just that bit longer.

I hope
For your future
That the world
Will be supportive
And steady
For you to live within
No less than the structure
That we know now
And hopefully a lot more.

When you get there
I hope that
You won’t be disappointed
By the real person
I am
With all my flaws
As I am as human as the rest.

Most of all
I hope that our bond
Is as sturdy as now
Until the end…

My greatest achievement
My favourite person
My daughter.


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(There's a short film on my website too starring my daughter, aged 7).


  1. Precious words, precious duo.
    Love to you both.

    1. Thank you Robyn. X
      (Only way to comment now for me is via phone. Not PC) grr

  2. I don't know when I have been so moved by a poem. So beautiful. Tilly is so blessed to have you as her father. You make a great team!

    1. Thank you so much Gracie. Thats lovely. I hope Tilly and I can stay strong through the difficult teenage years ahead

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