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2018 Best New Talent - Short and Sweet Festival Sydney
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2018 Highlights - Three Little Words - The Video and more

Three Little Words

The below video was filmed without an audience (which does make a significant impact).
It was really great live with many laughs and some gasps.

Hope you enjoy it regardless.

Watch HERE

Performed by Tom Harwood.
Adapted from the short story in Pseudo Stars
It got us through to the Crew Cut Finals where Tom won Best Actor.

And I got this...

There was also this... I made this...

I also uploaded a couple of old short films which have never been publicly available.

Reality Unfastened and Born in a Storm.

It's been a big year, especially the first half, yet still a big struggle, as documented here.
That's life hey!

How was your year? Anything you care to share?

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