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Allowing Love to Die cover plus beautiful and personal nature Video

Meditations on Love and Loss

My new book will be out in mid November, 2018.
75 copies only in print.
No ebook. No reprints. Signed and numbered.
Don't miss out.

Ever felt love slipping away from you? Ever hoped for it all and ended with nothing? Were you the one to end a relationship or pined to be in one?

For Romantics and Realists, Dreamers and Drama Queens, you’ll find it all within. Many of these observations are based on real people and events, both ironic and heartbreaking. 


The video has nothing to do with the book, but I posted them both on Facebook this week so thought I'd just add it here too.
Beautiful nature and music - on a short holiday in Kiama with my daughter recently.
It made me feel peaceful watching it so thought I'd share it with you too.

Watch Here

Coming soon,

More exciting publishing news,
A brand new video on the Environment
A very Famous After Death entry. You'll know this guy.

See you soon

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