Born in a Storm - Short Film

Her life, under a cloud.

Her journey, troubled.

It seems that she, was ... Born in a Storm.

Finally available to the public.
Been under lock and key all of these years (1994).

This is a slight re-edit with additional music and sound effects.
The original version was an all original soundtrack.

I hope you find it interesting.

Contains serious themes. NOT for children.


  1. Yes, that was intense, and very well done.
    Lovely young gal - is she still alive? Are you still in touch with her?
    Thanks for posting this, Anthony.

    1. Thanks so much for watching Robyn.
      We lost contact not long after that. I'm not sure what happened to her.
      Co-incidentally, we were neighbours as kids, and didn't realise until I began casting.

  2. I've perhaps missed your previous posts, but I have to ask why it has been under lock and key for 24 years? Like Robyn said, very intense, well acted, some interesting camera angles. Hymn to Her by the Pretenders is also one of my favorite songs.


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