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My first performed play - at Sydney Festival

I'm thrilled to announce that I have a play that will be performed at the Short and Sweet Festival in Sydney, which is currently underway. I'm also directing it.
It will occur in the 9th week from the 15th to the 18th of March inclusive. Thursday to Sunday. Four performances in total. If you're in town, I hope you can make it.

It's called Three Little Words and is adapted from a short story from my collection, Pseudo Stars.
While I've written a few plays before, this is the first to be performed. So pretty excited and pretty nervous.

What's it called?
Three Little Words. 

What's it about?
I'm an alcoholic? No I'm not. 

That gives you an idea. Kinda...

Official Short and Sweet Site.

Short+Sweet Theatre (@Tom Mann)

Weird theatrical types

I hope to film it somehow, so if you miss it, it may end up online. Maybe.


  1. That is so cool! Good luck! I wish I was there to see it.

  2. You're a playwright too? My goodness, Anthony. There is nothing you can't do. CONGRATULATIONS. I'm thrilled for you. I wished I lived (a lot) closer and could go see it.

    Fabulous poem for my contest too. Thank you.


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