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1 Story - 7 years - 27 rejections - Boom


In 2008 I wrote a story called Officer Material. It's based on a young soldier's diary accounts from World War II. He did not agree with the machinations of war and was horrified by what he saw. And yet, he was a professional and did his job. He survived. 
I took that concept and applied it to a story.

The Grind

Over the next two years I gave it a few more drafts and finally began sending it out. Normally I tend to give up on sending material out if it keeps getting rejected because I just don't have the time. Plus its deflating and I'm the sensitive type. 


I believed in this story (and a few others) so I persisted. Really persisted. Finally, it paid off. 
Morpheus Tales has published it in their brand new 27th addition. I only just realised the irony of that. haha 27 rejections! Con-incidence? You be the judge.

Please support me and of course the publisher. Inexpensive. Or send me an email, I'll purchase it, sign it and send it to you.  
Thank you.



  1. I just broke the bank and bought an ebook version ($2.99). I will let you know what I think.

  2. haha thank you Graham. The pressure's on now. If you hate it, I will buy you a coffee. At 3 bucks, might have to be a small one. ;) Very nice of you mate. Cheers

  3. You certainly don't give up and your persistence finally paid off. Congrats to you. I'm going to order one...


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