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To reflect... and to be

Mind's eye composition

The late afternoon
Sun light, stubbornly virulent
Colluded with the water’s surface 
To thrust heat
Into my chest and face
With a steady slash and burn policy
In motion.

I created a mini tent      
From my towel
Over my head
And was finger clicked
To childhood
And teenage hood days
Complete with visions
And sensations
And emotions
With smell barely relevant.

My three year old
Broke the sun ray’s path
Collapsing on my legs
Ending the fa├žade
And wished to share my tent
And we were promptly laughing

Memories were closed down
Before I could truly reflect
Though I was in the midst of creating
New ones
And I wasn’t alone
Nor felt isolated
In fact,
The company was sublime.

More Poetry

No mystery as to the origins of this poem, however as my daughter is now four and a half and it's winter, I can only assume it was written in early 2014. Nothing remarkable about it. I simply thought it was time for a change from the usual doom and gloom.

Have a great week.

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  1. It's wonderful how actions or music or places can bring back memories of previous moments that obviously mattered. Perhaps in years to come you will make a tent and remember your child trying to share it with you. The smile bird photo made me smile too.


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