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Social Media Soldier


(A piece of Meant)

Sharing a meme
Does not mean
You live by its philosophy

Protesting online
Does not equate to
Any real action

Liking a status
Or comment
Is less than
Fuck all

Don’t swindle yourself

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An important new Video Poem well worth sharing, especially given the recent talk about violence against women.


  1. So true. When I was on Facebook I sometimes liked a meme just to let the person know that I was reading their status updates. Interesting program on RN the other day, about Facebook and its algorithms, how they basically are designed to bring up status updates that agree with your point of view. So your pov is rarely challenged, so you don't think about why you think the way you do, or get viewpoints that challenge ideas that you hold. So everyone eventually inhabits their own little ghetto of information. This is why I read The Age, because it has a variety of viewpoints, with factual news.

    1. Good point Graham. It's very easy to tailor a 'mirror,.' Also a lot of misinformation that people tend to believe. And isn't everyone just the little expert. I think my Facebook days are limited. Cheers for your thoughts

  2. I don't even know what a meme is. Do you, Anthony?

    It makes me laugh awkwardly when people "like" posts with sad news. Really? They like it?

    Thanks for your comment and support.xo

    1. Thank you Robyn... yes you know those pics with the Words embedded across them, usually some smart ass comment, but not always... Yes I agree re the bad news! xo


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