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Dwell in Exile

Bountiful lambaste

The insults will come
A dismissal
Misunderstandings – innumerable
And blind-sided putdowns.

They pinpoint emphasis
Augustine Kofine
On the reaction
So if I turn the other cheek
Does this create a more significant person?
If I comply
Be decent to all who cross
Does this improve my worth?
Will I rise tomorrow?
Sleep quickly

Who will hover
To mark my progress?
Who will promote my good deeds?

How I do I measure my contribution to society?
How will I know if it is enough?

And if deemed as such
Will it grant me peace?
Or bestow satisfaction
In a whirlpool of confusion
Where the selfish soar
And the righteous are punished
Too many times
For sense to subdue.

Haw Par Villa Singapore 'Ten Courts of Hell' - Photography by Raytoei

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  1. Yes, so much senselessness and so few answers. As always, you eloquently capture hars realities of humanity.

  2. I feel like I am dwelling in exile much of the time. Turn the other cheek, for what? To have it whacked. Put them in their place before they blind side me with a putdown. We're all selfish, all self serving, just some people are less obvious and smile sweetly when they do it. A poem for our times Anthony.

    1. Thank you very much my friend. Definitely for the times. Sad isn't it.


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