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Afraid of no emotion

Meeting ends

Death is eternal
It waits for us
Sometimes impatiently
Yet will not be denied.

I am not afraid of death
The option is to never have existed
To have been without
Emotion of any kind.

I am afraid of dying languidly
Of obstinate pain
And much time to think.

I am afraid of being afraid
I am not strong
I don’t want to be scared.

I am afraid to leave my daughter behind
Before she has grown up
She needs a father
She needs me.

I can say goodbye to the world
But I cannot say goodbye to her.

Dance of Death - a woodcut by Hans Holbein, 1538


  1. I'm glad you - er, the narrator - feels this way. It means he is fully alive.

    Love you.

  2. Afraid of being afraid - you bet. That's why when I find my mind thinking about my mortality I quickly change the subject. It would help so much if I believed in an afterlife. I like the top picture, a perfect image for the poem, emotions (flowers) creeping into a dead thing.


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