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The 2013 Published List

How was 2013 for you? 

Could have been better? Could always be worse...

Easily my most prominent year in terms of published works.

All are poems except where noted.
These are acceptance dates, not publication dates. (eg some still yet to be published).
Most were online though some were also in print form.
Too many to link to though a simply search should reveal most.

Peaks and troughs – Gloom Cupboard
Alone not home –  Decades Review
The Flow
The Long Wick Loathing - The Stray Branch  
Reminisce-zero – Bluestem

Trail blazers – Full of Crow Poetry
One down to another - Red Ochre LiT
Enough - Foliate Oak
Her Teenage Universe (video)
The final result (video)
Blue Moon - Misjudge Your Limits
She was slim once (story) – a tribute to a tornado victim - Microliterature 
This Tiny fortune (video) -  Otioliths

The Fat City Review
Not me for Dinner! (Children’s story) – Brumbles
Past catching up and overtaking – Fat City Review

No sense nonsense – Subterranean Quarterly
How much is that future in the window - Leaves of Ink

Shut for business - Mad Swirl

I cook the sausages (story) - Forge Journal

Bookstore in Glebe, Sydney. Sharing the table with Nabokov (Upper left). About as good as it gets. I'll take it. 

Caged without Walls (Poetry collection) - Ginninderra Press
Seminars of success – Five Poetry Magazine
Scum of Antiquity
Crown of Razor Blades
Turning Point
Words, spheres and the essence

Drunk Monkeys - Original Fiction, Poetry, TV Recaps, Film Reviews, and Essays since 2011I remember the day – Aperion
Treachery (video) -  Glass Coin
This tiny fortune (video)
The Imposter    
Prefer the Well
It’s not always there, where you hope

Sound State Statement - Clutching at Straws


The fleeting - Linden Avenue
In Memoriam (Story)  – Drunk Monkeys

Alienation Prevails (Video)
Everything Old is New (Video) – Red FEz
The past is only today, faded – Nazar Look (Romania)
(The Really Important stuff from 2012 – Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2013).

Human Spiking  - EgoPhobia (Romania).
Pointed Down
Thirst for a dead label
Improve on original
Well planned foundations

(City of Great Large published in January nominated for Pushcart Prize)

A Marriage Made in Haste – Dead Snakes
An ingrained grainy institution
Bar flying 

May slow down a little in 2014; attempt to concentrate on other things. See what transpires.
Hope you have a great year ahead. 


  1. SHOW OFF :) You have been busy. But I already knew that from reading and enjoying most of them.

  2. You had a very good year! Love the photo of Caged Without Walls in the bookstore.
    I hope you and your family had a great holiday season. Here's to a happy and healthy 2014.

  3. Ah Graham - I'll remind you of that when you're a famous author. ;) I keep a record of the publications, so thought I'd share it.

    Cheers Pat. I hope you have a great year too.



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