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Two videos of mine are online now at Red Fez.

The good folks at Red Fez have accepted two of my videos - albeit, the ones a little darker. Both were made earlier this year.
You can view them here. The first Alienation Prevails and the second, Everything old is new again.

*Update: (See them below)

The somewhat quirky bio was their idea but my words.
If you are a regular visitor to these posts, you may have seen these videos posted previously.
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The new video, the one I keep promising, One for the Show, about a couple, is coming soon.

take care for now

(If you can't see these videos on your phone, they are viewable on a laptop or go to my YouTube Channel HERE)


  1. Wow, Anthony. Those were extremely powerful and unsettling. You're a true artist. I'm very impressed.


  2. Thank you Robyn. That's very kind of you.xo

  3. those screams at the end of The Dark Blossoms still got a chuckle from me. I think I have seen Everything Old is New Again too. It's funny what we choose to be scared about, for some current electricity bills are much more scary than the prospect of thier kids trying to survive in a world devastated by climate change. Fear of the dark, or is that more fear of thought, as our senses stop interupting our thoughts at the end of the day. Both videos are very much related.


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