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The Seven Pillars of Love - No. 7. Hope

George Frederic Watts - Hope 1886

h o p e

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of unknown origin

Previous Pillars

I hope that you have enjoyed the series. Soon I will put them all together in one video in the hope that others may discover it.

Sure love is messy and human beings incredibly flawed, but if we are in a healthy place, we can improve our relationships, remembering always, that there's us... and them... and the ever changing entity that swims inbetween. And from there, I say adieu.


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  1. Yep, there is always hope. An interesting series Anthony, and I hope it was a useful experiment for yourself. Like most blokes, I am not much into talking about this love stuff, much more comfortable with your hard edged poems about life. All I can say is keep experimenting.

  2. The scenery is gorgeous and the message, profound.
    Hope is key to life and love.

    You did a wonderful job with this series, Anthony.

    Be well.


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