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Come back to this


Shot in the Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales, Australia in Summer 2012.

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Sometimes the words come first.  I go out and shoot and build the video around it. In this case, I was on holiday for a week and shot the footage with something in mind, like this...
I need to do this more often. Quiet times away. Allow the mind to rest. Actually I wrote what I thought was a very good story that week. I find it very hard to find the time and mindset to write in my current, normal life.

More video poetry here.

Coming soon,

More on my poetry collection, Caged Without Walls.
In the coming months, a new video series, Pillars of Love for you romantics.
I've got a few things in mind for other text based series. See what transpires.

Have a great week.


  1. This was very tranquil. I needed it right about now. Beautifully done. Thanks, Anthony.


  2. Thank you dear Robyn. Glad it hit the right chord.

  3. It totally relaxed me Anthony... A beautiful place and beautiful words.


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